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The Path to More “Likes”

“Given our communal attention deficit, the pressure has mounted…to be fast, funny and heartfelt as hell.” Rob Lazebnik, writer for “The Simpsons” When it comes to communication, the stakes just keep getting higher: You have to not only cut through the noise and capture attention to be heard, you have to be Liked, with a

A Leader’s Most Important Job

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have more meetings? If you’re like most leaders today, your response to that question probably lies somewhere between “No” and “Absolutely not!” But hear me out… Recently, a company hired me because their people haven’t been engaged and their strategic plans haven’t been gaining traction. Year after year,

Just Respond

Ignoring is the new denial.  Behind our virtual workspace, and walls named Caller ID and Email Overload, we hide from the flood of emails, texts, tweets, status updates, calls and drop-bys.  Other people’s priorities become our distractions.  So we ignore and we isolate. Last week, I made my final attempt.  Since our meeting a month

The Value of Talking in Tweets

Concise messaging results in more relevant, collaborative and effective communication – especially in meetings.  To help me with this, I wish I had a Twitter character-counter inside my brain. Last week, I sat quietly in a team meeting listening to perspectives while I formulated mine.  When just enough confidence in my point of view intersected