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Declare Your Independence From Others’ Opinions

Calling all people-pleasers, approval seekers, validation junkies, emotional chameleons, insecure overachievers, and anyone who wonders how—or whether—they measure up! To some degree, you most likely see yourself through the eyes of others. The way others feel or the way others treat you impacts how you feel inside. Are these co-dependent feelings, ironically, reducing the strength

When People Cause You to Feel Inadequate

It was such a surprising thing to hear. The husband of a well-known musician told me that his famous wife frequently feels inadequate. How could she, with so much talent, success and popularity, ever question herself? Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me, given that musicians constantly put themselves out there. Yes, they get affirmation, but they

The ABCs of Resilience

“It is not the events that happen to us that cause our feelings and behaviors—it is our thoughts or, as we’ll call them, Beliefs (“Bs”) about the events that drive how we feel and what we do.” – Dr. Karen Reivich and Dr. Andrew Shatte In the book The Resilience Factor: 7 Essential Skills for