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How to Make Your Corporate Identity More Than Just a Poster on the Wall

We’ve all seen the PowerPoint, the plaque or the “About Us” page with feel-good concepts like Respect for Employees, Safety First, Concern for Customers or Be the Industry Leader. These typically come from well-intentioned leaders who want to document what the company stands for and where it’s going. Too often, though, those words become corporate

Stop Being So Controlling

I’m a control freak. See, I have this picture in my mind about my business, my kids, my wife, my health and my comfort. You want to see me anxious or angry? Mess with those pictures. Here’s an example. Last week my wife and I were up late creating a game plan to address some

One Essential of a Great Leader

Growth often results from pain and discomfort.  Sometimes suffering yields obvious and tangible results in and of itself (like exercise) whereas other times it is our response to suffering that determines whether we become bitter or better.  Despite our fear of being broken, if we embrace and effectively move through challenge, we can better lead