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7 Principles for Leading When It’s Hard

I was confidently rolling through my day when I got an email intended for someone else. It was a strongly worded message criticizing my leadership, sent by a colleague who felt they’d been poorly treated. Seeing that felt like a punch in the stomach. And the discussion that followed was really hard. But, like many

How Deep and Meaningful Are Your Relationships?

Collin Barr has a framed vision statement behind his desk that reads: Solid Business Builder, Great Community Builder, He Made a Real Difference. As a market president for a national construction, development and property management company, he has indeed built and made a difference. Like many successful leaders, Collin pushes the limits of his schedule

A Resolution for Getting UnStuck

In last week’s blog, Matt described what he’s learning from “Yoda,” the marriage counselor we recently started seeing. Matt received many comments, both online and in person, thanking him for his willingness to create a space where there is permission for the hard and the messy things in life. He and I had a follow-up