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The Secret of Great Leaders and Great Companies: Self-Confrontation

As I listened to a senior leader from a well-respected company review the findings of its latest employee survey, I wondered: Do people do this type of self-confrontation often enough—like, really dig into the brutal facts about themselves? Confronting your own weaknesses requires substantial humility, courage and insight. In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins

How Leaders Live Their Values

A friend of mine, John March, caught up with me recently to pick my brain about the connection between leadership and values. The topic, which is personal for both of us, led to interesting insights and self-awareness. I’ve captured a bit of our discussion below to share with you in the hopes that his questions

10 American Podcasts You Shouldn’t Live (or Lead) Without

It’s a knowledge economy, and ideas are the birthplace of innovation. Finding opportunities to expand your knowledge will increase your self-awareness, creativity and perspective. As I’ve written before, podcasts are a great place to tap into knowledge. In this post, I’ve curated some of my top sources for respectful, relevant and really good podcasts. Push your

Journeying Through Disappointment

Disappointment: the difference between what we expect and what we get.  Events, circumstances and people disappoint us and we disappoint ourselves.  To move from disappointment to contentment, we have to process our emotions and surrender our expectations. This Mother’s Day, my wife Kari was supposed to be entering her third trimester.  We miscarried that baby