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4 Steps to Influence Without Authority

Leadership is the ability to motivate others to risk, sacrifice and engage. It’s not necessarily a job title or position—there are times when you will have to lead but you won’t have the power structure that generates leverage. So what can you do to influence others in these situations? One strategy is to frame a

Just Respond

Ignoring is the new denial.  Behind our virtual workspace, and walls named Caller ID and Email Overload, we hide from the flood of emails, texts, tweets, status updates, calls and drop-bys.  Other people’s priorities become our distractions.  So we ignore and we isolate. Last week, I made my final attempt.  Since our meeting a month

One Essential of a Great Leader

Growth often results from pain and discomfort.  Sometimes suffering yields obvious and tangible results in and of itself (like exercise) whereas other times it is our response to suffering that determines whether we become bitter or better.  Despite our fear of being broken, if we embrace and effectively move through challenge, we can better lead

Solution Selling Is Not Dead

Since the 1970’s, Xerox and IBM fueled a point of view that the best salespeople frame their solution in the context of a need.  Thought leaders such as Mike Bosworth, Neil Rackham and Percy Whiting have advocated a consultative framework for selling that led with questions in order to establish a business and emotional case

How to be Professionally Irrelevant

This age is defined by speed of change and access to information. Our relevance is linked to our ability to process and adapt. Awareness of trends, news, insights and research helps us to strategize and create. And our effectiveness becomes our brand. Amidst change and information, it’s the thought-leader and innovator who will lead. Last week