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What Difference Do You Make to Your Culture?

How might you describe the organizational cultures you’ve worked in? For me, I’ve worked in independent-detached cultures, toxic-politics cultures, unhealthy-anxiety cultures, and high-trust cultures. The one constant across all of these is that the organization’s culture—the way people think, behave, and interact—has influenced my own thinking, behavior, and interactions. You’ve probably experienced something similar. It’s

How to Advance Your Innovative Ideas

Have you ever been thoroughly excited about your ideas, only to see them shot down without any serious consideration at all? I still vividly remember the experience of presenting my exciting new idea to the senior leaders in our company years ago. Expecting enthusiasm, interest or at least alternative solutions, instead my carefully prepared plan was

Three Keys to Fostering Accountability Across Diverse People Groups

You don’t want to fall short of expectations. And you probably have to rely on other people to help you deliver on your expectations. If those people are different from you, they likely interpret standards and expectations differently. The bottom line: excellence requires consistent accountability for results, and fostering consistent accountability is challenging. A friend

How the Best Organizations Captivate People’s Hearts and Minds

Engagement is a hot topic in organizations today, and with good reason. Recent Gallup research shows that organizations with high levels of engagement outperform all the others in just about every key measure of business. Organizations typically talk about the issue in terms of increasing employee engagement, but perhaps a more relevant way to describe