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How Learning Keeps You In the Flow

What can babies teach us about being calm, inspired and creative? In a recent study exploring the origins of human learning, researchers recorded the brain activity of 45 11-month old babies when they were in a position to learn something new. The babies watched two people play with a rubber duck. One person pointed at

10 American Podcasts You Shouldn’t Live (or Lead) Without

It’s a knowledge economy, and ideas are the birthplace of innovation. Finding opportunities to expand your knowledge will increase your self-awareness, creativity and perspective. As I’ve written before, podcasts are a great place to tap into knowledge. In this post, I’ve curated some of my top sources for respectful, relevant and really good podcasts. Push your

Resisting the Pull of the Same Old Same Old

This week, I wasn’t feeling particularly creative as I wrote this post. My instinct was to just fall back on the routine, to fill in the tried-and-true template. It’s efficient. It’s productive. The box is checked. When you have trouble pushing the boundaries, it’s easy to succumb to the pull of efficiency. Just look at

Structure Makes Us Creative

Structure is essential to inspiring creativity and self-expression.  Neuroscientists have recently demonstrated that improvisation occurs when the self-monitoring region of our brain turns off through mastery of a foundational structure.  Musician Yo-Yo Ma said, “An innovation, to grow organically from within, has to be based on an intact tradition.” I wish I could fully enjoy