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Why Relationships Require Harder Skills

Do you ever notice people’s relationship skills? How well they talk, listen, look, act and sound with different people? And how people respond to their behavior? I’ve been paying more attention to others’ relationship skills since my grandmother passed away this year. Eulogies and tributes can have a certain clarifying effect on what’s most important,

How to Move from Me to We

A recent youth soccer match gave me a surprising insight into organizational psychology. The players fell into two categories: the shooters and the passers. When shooters got the ball, they drove toward the goal, regardless of the screams from the coach or wide-open players on the field. Passers’ first instinct, on the other hand, was

4 Steps to Influence Without Authority

Leadership is the ability to motivate others to risk, sacrifice and engage. It’s not necessarily a job title or position—there are times when you will have to lead but you won’t have the power structure that generates leverage. So what can you do to influence others in these situations? One strategy is to frame a

Internal Partnerships Create Value

Power usually moves down organizational hierarchy and through customers to client-facing teams to support functions.  With each pass through level or functional silo, people get further away from the epicenter of strategy and market demand.  This distancing pushes people away from the planning process and into need fulfillment.  The result is organizations filled with functional