10 American Podcasts You Shouldn’t Live (or Lead) Without

It’s a knowledge economy, and ideas are the birthplace of innovation. Finding opportunities to expand your knowledge will increase your self-awareness, creativity and perspective.

As I’ve written before, podcasts are a great place to tap into knowledge. In this post, I’ve curated some of my top sources for respectful, relevant and really good podcasts.


  1. Push your thinking with TED Radio Hour. You’ll find the best TED (technology-entertainment-design) talks, organized by subject, with fun and helpful narrative.
  2. Know your sports with Men In Blazers. I’m sure there are sports podcasts out there that cover more ground (the primary focus is soccer), but this one’s funnier and gives a perspective beyond the mainstream.
  3. Be hip with Pop Culture Happy Hour. Stay with it or lose touch. This podcast makes it easy, showcasing the contemporary music, movies, television and online content that define our society.
  4. Hear stories with The Moth Podcast. Stories define our lives. Learning how to tell them is to learn how to connect with others. Tune into this podcast and see how it’s done, with true tales told live by excellent storytellers.
  5. Lead others with the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. God gave this man an incredible leadership mind, a heart for others and an amazing ability to communicate. If you lead people, this will provide practical ideas to make you better.
  6. Keep learning with the HBR IdeaCast. If you’re like me, you wish you could read every issue, article and post from the Harvard Business Review. This short podcast makes the top academics and thought leaders accessible outside the written pages.
  7. Know your business with Marketplace. In this podcast, information about companies, capital markets and economies comes alive through the witty personalities of the hosts and guests. Improve your business acumen and professional relevance by catching this one.
  8. Provoke your thinking with This American Life. This is perhaps the most popular podcast available, and for good reason: it’s a stellar example of excellent journalism and narrative. While the content can be somewhat non-essential, it’s always engaging and uplifting.
  9. Talk Politics with PBS NewsHour > Shields and Brooks. Politics in America can be divisive, repulsive and depressing. Not here. Listen and learn about current events through the lens of American politics in a way that demonstrates respectful, thoughtful dialogue.
  10. Know your world with The World Next Week. Here are the top international news stories affecting the world, with brief and balanced analysis. Not only is the content excellent, the communication style is a model for explaining complex information.

It can be difficult to sort through all the content available today. Rather than being overwhelmed, jump in and find the best sources.

What podcasts would you put in your top 10?



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