The Best Engagement Question Ever

Last week I reviewed a proposal with a potential client. It had several elements, which would take me at least five minutes to explain, and like a proud author wanting the reader to reserve judgment until they’ve read the entire book, I wanted to cover it all before getting a reaction. But a voice whispered

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Grabbing money

The Three Forms of Selfishness

In his book Give and Take, Adam Grant provides abundant research to support his thesis that givers are more successful than takers. He qualifies that these givers are “strategic givers.” While people who are selfish don’t get far, he also points out that people who are selfless get run over. People who are otherish, on

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customer-service-infographic---120815-_mn for web

Every Organization Should Make Customer Service Their Priority (And Here’s How)

A senior executive recently admitted to my brother-in-law that his organization was more focused on doing tasks than being customer-focused. My brother-in-law is a partner at a global management consulting firm, so he naturally set out to answer this question: How do organizations remain customer-focused amidst the continuous pressures on employees to get their work

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